The Meaning Of A Thin Blue Line American Flag

August 15, 2017

What Does a Thin Blue Line flag mean

A Thin Blue Line Flag

Have you ever wondered what the thin blue line, bordered by black stripes on the American flag symbolizes? Do you know the significance of this thin blue line flag and why is it usually used to represent law enforcement?

Well, A thin blue line represents the law enforcement and the duty of the police department to sustain peace and maintain order in a society. The blue line has its origins in the color of the police uniform which in many cultures or nations is usually blue. The black Stripes are added to represent the darkness through which the police department (the blue line) has to undergo to maintain peace.

Many believe that this flag originated as a result of the insult the police department had to face in the 1960s during the time of tumultuous civil unrest. The flag and the concept were born when the police department was not respected for their duty and was thought of being corrupt. It also denotes the strength of the police department brotherhood which is the strength with which all law enforcers stand shoulder to shoulder for the common good of the society. Many believe that traditionally this flag came into being as a tribute to a policeman who lost his life in the line of duty. Whatever the origin may be, this flag has its own meaning and symbolizes much more for the police department, which works day and night to protect us from the evil which has dominated our society.


Many movies in the late 20th century have used this symbol in the form of a flag to represent the message of law enforcement more clearly. The flag came into maximum use after the release of “ The Thin Blue Line”, a documentary on law enforcement by Errol Morris. It is based on a true incident where a civilian, Randall Adams, was wrongfully convicted of murder in Dallas, Texas by police officer Robert W. Wood and sentenced to death. Judge Don Metcalfe states in the film that the final argument of the prosecutor was about the “thin blue line” of police that separate the public from anarchy. This argument deeply moved the judge as it had an emotional impact on him.

Common people have also used this flag as an emblem for their support of the police department. For them, it represents their belief in the police for saving them from the darkness of the society. Since it came into being, many policemen started to wear the flag in the form of a badge on their uniform because it held much significance for them due to their profession.

However, the use of this flag can not only be relevant to the police department as the ideology within is about the courage which anyone could find when they have to face insurmountable odds. It portrays that even if surrounded by the illness of the society, people can find hope and strength within each other and the law enforcement.

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